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Monthly Archive for December, 2010

A little humor to get you through

I’m sure MORE READING is the last thing you want to do right now, so instead, here’s a little (relevant) humor to help get you through your final exams.  Good luck! **Disclaimer: don’t actually use this video to study from – I make no guarantees about it’s accuracy!  Also, my apologies for the slight profanity!

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Study Aids!

Finals are quickly approaching and during this time we get a lot of questions about which study aids are the best and worth the money to purchase them.  I wrote the following for a column in Hearsay (the Pace Law School newspaper) but I thought it was helpful and relevant right now, so I’m reposting […]

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IRAC example

Hello, all: As this is my first post to the blog, I’ll introduce myself. I’m Elizabeth Corwin, the Associate Director of Academic Support. I graduated from Pace Law School in 1999. Having planned throughout to go into criminal prosecution or some other nonprofit job, I ended up a a large Connecticut-based firm. (A lesson that […]

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